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Really enjoying your game so far! I was wondering if there was any way to set up each food type to spawn only in certain places on the map...? I would like to have color representative food types and don't want my blue water food spawning on land.

Also, I'm still pretty early on, but will creatures ever do anything with carcasses aside from push them around? I've just been erasing them from the map as they pile up.

Hey I have a questions. Sometimes I see creautres leave a trail of blue or red blocks behind them. Also sometimes there appears to be a skull and bones icon above those blocks. What does this mean?

So far looks like an awesome simulator. I once had a group of creatures that ate pretty much the entire map and died out when it got to the other end.


thanks for your reply.

The colored tiles are paints which is just a coloration that can be produced by the creature. If there is a skull it means its poison which damages any creature that is on top of it.

Is it possible to run it on a Mac? For example with Wine?

Hey! I downloaded the Linux version onto my mac, and the .jar file runs fine.

Thanks for the reply

Is this inspired by ???

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No its not, It was inspired by Karl sims - evolved virtual creatures.

I wanted to take the concept of artificial evolution and design in a very minimalistic and practical fashion

I can see how you would think that though sine they both have a very basic pixilated style


I've tried everything you have suggested to fix the pixel format start up error and nothing works. Has a fix been found?

Hi, Apparently newly released Geforce drivers have fixed the issue.

See the steam forums for more info.

The new update worked! Thanks for that!