A downloadable Evolution Simulator for Windows and Linux

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What is Gridworld?

Gridworld is an artificial life simulator in which abstract virtual creatures compete for food and struggle for survival. Conditions in this two-dimensional ecosystem are right for evolution to occur through natural selection. Creatures live short and replicate fast. Evolution can therefore be observed in hours instead of thousands of years.

How to use it?

The cool thing about evolution is that it is an autonomous process that requires no guiding hand.
You can simply start a simulation and take your hands of completely. When you come back to check after a day or two, you will find a thriving eco system of virtual creatures. You can do more than just simply observing though. Gridworld's simulations are highly customizable.
The user interface allows you to tweak any simulation parameter or change the environment as you like. This way you can set up your own experiments and watch as your creatures adapt to the world and conditions that you provide for them.


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

In order to download this Evolution Simulator you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 USD. You will get access to the following files:

background_1 212 kB
background_2 123 kB
background_3 176 kB
background_4 234 kB
Gridworld_v1.24_Linux.rar 5 MB
Gridworld_v1.24_Windows32.rar 45 MB
Gridworld_v1.24_Windows64.rar 48 MB
Gridworld_v1.25_Linux.rar 5 MB
Gridworld_v1.25_windows32.rar 45 MB
Gridworld_v1.25_windows64.rar 48 MB
Gridworld_v1.26_Linux.rar 5 MB
Gridworld_v1.26_Windows32.rar 48 MB
Gridworld_v1.26_Windows64.rar 48 MB
Gridworld_v1.27_Linux.rar 5 MB
Gridworld_v1.27_Windows32.rar 48 MB
Gridworld_v1.27_Windows64.rar 48 MB

Download demo

Gridworld_manual_v1.03.pdf 71 kB


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Is this inspired by rgb-game.com ???

(2 edits)

No its not, It was inspired by Karl sims - evolved virtual creatures.

I wanted to take the concept of artificial evolution and design in a very minimalistic and practical fashion

I can see how you would think that though sine they both have a very basic pixilated style


I've tried everything you have suggested to fix the pixel format start up error and nothing works. Has a fix been found?

Hi, Apparently newly released Geforce drivers have fixed the issue.

See the steam forums for more info.


The new update worked! Thanks for that!